Frequently Asked Questions 

1) What is the difference between ROYAL and KAGU mats?

We normally recommend Kagu for countries with winter conditions, where it’s always muddy. There are also other fundamental issues as we have mentioned: Harder material not soft cushioning like carpet / may scratch certain foot wear especially formal office shoes with wooden sole/ faints scratch lines may be visible after prolong usage etc. Unless you are are always in winter, muddy conditions like construction sites/ outdoor terrain etc,

We would recommend 3D Royal Mat (Carpet) which is more suitable for our country’s application.  It is best if you can drop by our showroom, to have a closer look at both the KAGU & ROYAL type. This will be helpful in deciding which type will be more suitable for your car.

2) Can I buy just the front 2 pieces of the mats?

Unfortunately, we are unable to sell our mats separately as they are manufactured in one full set, quite similar to Shoes /Sneakers etc. Besides, our mats are unique and material looks very different with other mats. It will be an obvious mismatch when use in conjunction with others. 

3) What are the colours available for your mats? 

We actually have 3 colour, Black, Beige and Grey, but we always recommend Black as it matches all colour interior, easy to maintain and stain would not show up easily as compared to other lighter colour. If you want other colours we will have to accumulate the MOQ.

4) Can I return/exchange the mats after purchase?

We accept return/exchange of the mats if you inform us within 3 days upon receiving our goods. Please noted that the goods must be returned in new/unused condition.

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